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  • Apr. 20th, 2018
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  • 12.21.2018

    HIRING! As Script Supervisor, you will be responsible for the continuity and stability of the game’s script by working closely with the Narrative Director on and off the performance capture stage.

  • 12.18.2018

    Do you love high action moments with dazzling heights and daring escapes? Do you have a passion for epic adventures with unique locations and intriguing characters? Do you have a burning desire to create a level which is highly polished and flows perfectly? Level design is an extremely important part of our team at Santa Monica Studio and we’re looking for the type of person who can help make incredible memorable levels!

  • We are seeking a Senior Level Designer who will design and implement gameplay, taking direction from the Lead Level Designers and Project Directors. Sr Level Designers should demonstrate an ability to take a level design from concept to completion, including Blockmesh layout, event scripting, encounter design and a strong sense of pacing.

  • This position is responsible for maintaining effective, up to date communication between the IT department and our customers. The ideal person must thrive in a fast-paced, and dynamic environment where customer service is a top priority. He or she will be a problem solver with excellent communication skills, and impeccable attention to detail.

  • HIRING - We are looking for an Animation Manager to work closely with all members of the animation team, including Motion Capture, Gameplay Animation, and Cinematic Animation. As Animation Manager, you will be responsible for the smooth running of the team. You will also be involved in recruiting and wider studio strategic planning. Help us create amazing world-leading games that will set the PS4 apart from the rest!

  • HIRING! You’re into games – you love making them, you love collaborating to make them. You spend your time figuring out how to best get outstanding content into games by designing and building efficient tools and pipelines.

  • HIRING! You’re into games – you love making them, you love collaborating to make them. Your strength is guiding a team in developing efficient pipelines and infrastructure to support game prototyping, production, and testing.

  • HIRING! You’re into tech, really all tech, but graphics and low-level stuff are your bread and butter. Optimizations – definitely, both CPU and GPU. Graphics systems – of course: whatever the artists need to make the highest quality visuals. And part of you thinks as they do, which is great since you will be collaborating with them often.

  • HIRING: We are looking for a Senior Progressions Designer to work on player progression and general gameplay balance and tuning. This individual will work side by side with our Level Design, Combat Design, UI, and Engineering teams, designing and implementing innovative and ambitious in-game content.

  • 11.05.2018

    HIRING: The QA Test Analyst is responsible for performing functional testing to identify, analyze, report and assist in resolving issues impacting their assigned projects. The general purpose of this job is to provide a dedicated, experienced resource that is completely focused on executing a broad range of operational test services to support our internal development team. Attention to detail is a critical requirement of the role, as is a hig...

  • HIRING! The Senior QA Test Analyst is responsible for supporting their Lead in the management of the daily operational and administrative needs of their assigned projects. The general purpose of this job is to provide a dedicated resource to assist the project QA Lead, equally distributing their time between serving as an understudy for project QA Lead redundancy and operating as the most experienced, cognitive focused and productive testers o...

  • HIRING! A character blend shape artist must possess the ability to effectively collaborate with the character technical art staff and animation departments as well as development team members outside of their direct disciplines such as the Art Director or Character Art Lead to optimally achieve artistic goals and implementation as they relate to design and technological considerations.

  • HIRING! As a Senior Narrative Animator, you will be working closely with the Narrative Animation Lead, Director of Photography, Animation Director, and Narrative Director to create story moments that are visually stunning, while also working with a wide range of development team members to ensure technical feasibility.

  • 10.24.2018

    HIRING - Our Producers are relied upon to manage scheduling and the day to day production of internal and external groups. Responsibilities include collaborating with senior producers, creative leads and studio managers to develop and maintain a specific discipline or project plan to determine resource, budget or schedule needs.

  • 09.25.2018

    The Project Manager is responsible for the direction, coordination, implementation, approval, analysis, and completion of special projects; while remaining aligned with strategy, commitments, and goals of the Studio.

  • You’re into games – you love making them, you love collaborating to make them. You spend your time figuring out how to best get outstanding content into games by designing and building efficient tools and pipelines.

  • A Producer is relied upon to manage scheduling and the day to day production of internal and external groups. This specific role is responsible for supporting our studio-wide efforts around Marketing, PR, Community and Licensing. Responsibilities include collaborating with senior producers, creative leads and studio managers to develop and maintain an overall studio plan and roadmap to determine resource, budget and schedule needs to achieve...

  • The IT Helpdesk Support position is responsible for maintaining desktops (PC, Mac) environments. This person will be responsible for equipment installation, PC repair, office moves, responding to emails and phone support. This person must thrive in a fast-pace, dynamic environment and be passionate about cutting edge technology.

  • Animator & programmer or programmer & character artist – which are you? No matter: you bridge tech and character. You understand the creative process; you have an artistic sensibility, and an eye for animation. And you can rig. Above all you collaborate with character artists and animators to deliver the highest quality vision of the game. Talent, initiative, collaboration – bring them all. We are a large team that fundamentally works ...

  • You are a Web Dev, with an eye for good interfaces and a drive to make quality. You are strong in finding out what you need and at getting things done independently. In the end, you make great tools to improve the work lives of others. And you’re talented, really talented, and motivated, with tons of initiative. You get things done – and we leave you alone to do them. Sound interesting? Give us a shout.

  • 02.01.2018

    God of War's release date is revealed along with a new narrative trailer. Learn more about what's to come from our creative director, Cory Barlog.

  • Our Head of Studio, Shannon Studstill, recaps the new God of War trailer shown at Paris Games Week as we approach the game's early 2018 release date.

  • 07.27.2017

    We are looking for an Engine/Graphics Programmer to work on engine and graphics systems throughout both run-time and tools for God of War. Lead Engine Programmer Josh Hobson, discusses why this role is critical to our pipeline needs right now and who we're searching for.

  • We are taking God of War into a bold new direction. This time, we follow Kratos and his son, Atreus, as they embark on a dangerous and deeply personal journey into the brutal Norse wild. This shift in direction required us to evolve our technology dramatically. From new, unflinching dynamic combat to a game camera that never cuts away from start to finish, to the vast world of Norse mythology that we’re establishing, we’d like to share with yo...

  • A freezing blizzard roars while shadows of wolves can be seen in the distance. A seemingly mysterious mountain looms in the distance while a broken, gigantic statue sits in the middle of a quiet lake guarded by a large creature lingering beneath. These embers of our new Norse universe describe the rich, visual areas Kratos and Atreus will experience in God of War. How was the visual look and feel of our take on Norse mythology defined? It all ...

  • 06.14.2017

    In today’s ‘What It Takes’ article, we focus on the Sr. Systems Designer position. This position will collaborate with design, art and engineering teams to creatively solve challenging technical problems and help us build more robust game experiences. To help better explain what we are looking for, we are chatting with two awesome Santa Monica Studio Creatives: Nick Eberle, Sr. Systems Designer, and Anthony DiMento, Systems Designer, to get th...

  • 05.11.2017

    In today’s ‘What It Takes’ article, we are chatting with two great Santa Monica Studio Creatives: Senior Staff Technical Artist, Enrico Gullotti, and Senior Programmer, Koray Hagen to get their thoughts on the Senior UI Tools Programmer role. They will discuss what we are looking for and insightful advice about how the position is important to our studio.

  • 05.03.2017

    In our latest ‘What It Takes’, we’re looking for a Senior Gameplay Programmer to join our God of War team and help us create tools and systems for the game. We are chatting with two amazing Santa Monica Studio Creatives today: Senior Gameplay Programmer, James Sweeney, and Principal Animator, Mehdi Yssef. They will dissect the role and give a detailed explanation of what we’re looking for.

  • Down, down the rabbit hole…join the Tangentlemen as they walk you through their terrifying and mind-bending game, Here They Lie (now compatible with the PS4, PS Pro and PS VR) in this exclusive developer commentary video.

  • On the surface, Here They Lie is about a disheveled man chasing after a lost love draped in a yellow dress. If you dig a little deeper, it’s about humanity’s unsightly tendencies and the nature of life, death, and what may follow. And if you shovel all the way through the dirt and pop out the other side, it’s a game that reflects who you are and what you believe in.

  • While many of you have been diving into the nightmarish rabbit-hole that is Here They Lie on PlayStation VR, we’ve continued forging ahead on future updates and additions to improve the experience. I’m excited to let you know about the goodies that are about to roll out for the PS VR version and… wait for it… the PS4 and PS4 Pro versions of Here They Lie!

  • 11.21.2016

    The beautiful world of Bound is now updated to be experienced in a new light with PS VR and PS Pro. The game's Creative Director, Michal Staniszewski, is here to answer your questions about these new ways to play and offer insights about Bound's development.

  • Watch the recap video! In celebration of diversity month, we were proud to welcome The Women in Games International Video Game Design Patch Program with the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles. Girl Scouts had the opportunity to earn their patch in video game design by learning what it’s like to work in the video game industry from our development team, create a physical prototype, digital prototype, and test their designs.

  • Beyond movies, music, and literature, Cory appreciated video games that pushed the boundaries of horror beyond jump scares or demented clowns with a taste for violence. He dabbled in PC mods and even worked as a level designer at VoodooFusion and TimeGate Studios, but his lead designer role at Monolith was one of his biggest early breaks.

  • Since we last convened, Here They Lie has crawled out of the shadows and into the collective psyche of PlayStation VR acolytes. A nightmarish trip full of malevolent creatures, hallucinations, out-of-body experiences, esoteric realms, and existential questions — all created to get under your skin, keep you up at night, and leave you terrified about your insignificance in the vast universe. Coincidentally, those are also all of the things I lov...

  • 10.19.2016

    When we are looking for Animators to join our God of War team and help us create imaginative and visually stunning worlds that set the bar for creativity and complexity on the PS4, longtime Lead Animators Bruno Velazquez and Mehdi Yssef dig deep on what this role takes.

  • Rich Smith never expected to contribute to a genre-shifting behemoth like Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare after he graduated from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. As a bicycle courier dodging big city traffic and an art student scraping to get by, the thought of modeling characters for multi-million dollar blockbusters wasn’t at the forefront of his mind.

  • It’s common for people to stumble through various jobs, offices, and industries before metaphorically falling into a passion like game development. For John Swift, Tangentlemen’s talented engineer, it took a fall from a cliff 80-feet tall to discover his fervor for games.

  • This is Oleg Shpudeiko. I’m a music composer who works under the Heinali moniker and who recently wrote music for Bound. Today I’m excited to announce the release of the soundtrack. When I was first contacted by Plastic, I knew they were up to something special. After some time, as I got to know the game’s themes, it became very personal for me. After a year and a half of work, I hope I could carry this feeling through the music.

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  • Creatives wanted! Our studio is home to over 200 talented developers dedicated to designing, developing and delivering the highest quality AAA PlayStation games. We would love to welcome you to our family. Please view our current open positions.

  • Watch Santa Monica Studio Creatives, a new video series focusing on 3 notable members of our SMS family, whose journey to our studio is as inspiring as their creative talent they possess. While their stories are candid, raw, and anything but ordinary, their expert craft and the collaboration that takes place within our creative walls, hits at the heart of what matters most to our studio culture - the team is everything.

  • It's a new beginning for God of War gear. We're reimagining our merchandise with partners worldwide (such as NECA's incredible 7" Norse Kratos figurine), steeped within our new universe of Norse mythology. Visit our official PlayStation God of War Gear Store for the latest official merch updates and stay tuned to our social media channels for the unveiling of plenty more in the months ahead.