At Santa Monica Studio, our players come first in every decision we make. Whether it's an internal project (God of War) driven by our star in-house development team, or an exciting outside project (The Order, Sound Shapes, Journey to name a few) mentored by our external development team, our process is built around creativity from the ground up. Composed of diverse, ambitious, and highly collaborative creatives, we never fear changing course and achieve these goals as a team. We empower and trust, and succeed together.

Our studio is home to over 200 talented developers dedicated to designing, developing and delivering the highest quality AAA PlayStation games. We would love to welcome you to our family. Please see our current open positions below.

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What’s hot

  • It's yours. We're proud to showcase Kratos on Ares' Throne, depicting the ultimate scene at the end of the original God of War. The entire scene has been cast in high quality polystone resin, and has been hand painted to allow for the most intricate of detailing. Kratos is depicted at ¼ scale, meaning that the entire piece is a breathtaking 29 inches tall to the top of the throne's spires. 

  • In what IGN calls "one of the year's most refreshing experiences", from the creators at Honeyslug and Richard Hogg, in partnership with our External Development teams, it's time for you to experience Hohokum. This is a whimsical, vibrant, colorful journey unlike nothing you've played before on PlayStation.

  • We'll make sure your Facebook Newsfeed is fed interesting content about our games and studio culture that rocks. We also really like giving away FREE STUFF, join us.