Senior Dev Ops / Build Engineer


Posted 02.02.2017

Santa Monica Studio is seeking a Senior DevOps / Build Engineer to join the team behind our critically acclaimed God of War games.

We value talent, self-motivation, and team spirit. In turn, we provide an environment with a large degree of freedom and autonomy.

You’re into technology – learning it, building it, teaching it. You’re someone who thrives on infrastructure and on helping people, making things happen for the team, making their work lives more efficient and easier, which allows them to perform at their peak.

And you are talented and motivated, with tons of initiative. You get things done. Sound interesting? If so, give us a shout.


  • Solve problems within existing pipelines, focusing on simple and robust solutions.

  • Upgrade, evolve, and maintain existing infrastructure, including Jenkins server configurations and scripts and build scripts.

  • Support build release and patching pipeline, build deployment tool suite, code integration utilities, pre-commit testing utilities, and packaging pipeline.

  • Interface with everyone on the team: get to the bottom of simple and complex problems. Provide direct solutions.

  • Collaborate with IT to ensure a broad understanding of approaches and solutions.

  • Write clear, maintainable, portable, and highly functional scripts and code.

  • Test and document work produced.

  • Create and manage complex build branching schemes.

  • Implement and maintain effective reporting systems to facilitate team needs.


  • Minimum five years professional experience.

  • Familiar with or proficient in a majority of the following: Git, Perforce, Jira, REST API’s, Python, C++, Maya, Qt, PowerShell, Redis, Puppet, Ceph, OpenStack, SN DBS, automated testing structures and processes, build and/or content cooking pipelines.

  • Familiar with Windows and Linux system administration.

  • Enthusiasm and initiative.

  • Personable: gets along well with everyone; has “I can help” attitude.

  • Excellent spoken and written communication.

  • Commitment to code quality, documentation, and sound testing procedures.

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent experience.

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