Designer - Audio Scripting, Contract


Posted 05.16.2017

Come join the award-winning God of War development team! Santa Monica Studio is looking for a Designer to implement game audio that sets the bar for the PS4. This individual will work side by side with level designers, artists, character designers, game sound designers, and programmers on varied sound-related aspects of the production from start to finish.

You are a beginning designer who is interested in sound implementation for level and character design in AAA games. In this role, you will implement level and character sound. You have a firm grasp of Maya and structural data-driven scripting for level and character design, and an ability to quickly become proficient with proprietary game engine tools and production processes. You are self-motivated and willing to work within a schedule. Help us create amazing world leading games that will set the PS4 apart from the rest! 


  • Take direction from Lead Sound Designer and Lead Audio Implementer as needed on any the following: sound support needed for game design, cinematics, marketing materials, etc. 
  • Work within the set standard for all sound asset implementation (environmental, character and music) within the production path, as it relates to design, art and otherwise. 
  • Collaborate creatively on sound implementation to enhance the gameplay experience. 
  • Work with the Sound Designers to accomplish audio consistency and quality. 
  • Consistently evaluate the audio for the design assets being created for all of the levels and characters you are responsible for. Address all issues and assist with fixing audio related problems within levels or characters you are responsible for as they arise.


  • Passion for game audio and the drive to implement top-rated game sound.
  • Firm grasp of Maya, Wwise, Lua, and structural data-driven scripting for level and character design.
  • Ability to quickly become proficient with proprietary game engine tools and production processes.
  • Working knowledge of the game production pipeline in order to communicate effectively with team members.
  • Working knowledge of game engine and design tools, especially as they relate to sound.
  • Possess strong time management skills.
  • Self-motivated and willing to work within a schedule.
  • Must be friendly, assertive, and open-minded.

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