Senior AI Gameplay Programmer


Posted 02.05.2019


AI behaviors, decision logic, core AI systems, tools to bring our AI characters to life – that’s the job. You will collaborate directly with the designers, animators, and producers to identify problems, provide solutions, and improve the quality of the gameplay. The result will be a truly engaging player experience.

And you will make sure the tool set is on the upswing, always improving – iteration, reuse, behaviors, and debugging AI logic. This means keeping an open dialog with the team and the leads, inviting feedback, and identifying areas requiring improvement.

Sound like you?  If so, give us a shout.



  • Design, implement and maintain core AI systems (perception, positioning, pathfinding, etc.)
    and tools to create AI behaviors and gameplay (navigation, combat, animation etc.)
  • Implement tools as needed for specific project requirements
  • Support and collaborate with designers and animators
  • Write clear, maintainable, portable, and highly functional code
  • Profile and performance tune code to remove bottlenecks
  • Test and document code produced


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent experience
  • Expertise in C++ and console game development
  • Strong understanding of AI architectures, algorithms, and pathfinding techniques
  • Minimum five years professional programming experience
  • Strong programming generalist with solid code architecture skills
  • Good understanding of what makes a game fun and interesting to play
  • Proficient in linear algebra
  • Enthusiasm and initiative
  • Excellent spoken and written communication
  • Able and motivated to work with other team members
  • Commitment to code quality, documentation, and sound testing procedures


  • Specialist in other game programming areas (animation, tools, networking, audio, etc.)

We value talent, self-motivation, and team spirit. In turn, we provide an environment with a large degree of freedom and autonomy. View the latest about our game at

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