Senior Level Designer


Posted 02.09.2019

We are seeking a Senior Level Designer who will design and implement gameplay, taking direction from the Lead Level Designers and Project Directors. Sr Level Designers should demonstrate an ability to take a level design from concept to completion, including Blockmesh layout, event scripting, encounter design and a strong sense of pacing. Senior Designers should show their ability to partner with the Production team as well as


  • 2D map creation and documentation 
  • 3D Blockout creation and level scripting.
  • Creation of Level pacing that emphasizes Encounter, Puzzle, Exploration and Narrative pacing 
  • Clearly communicate the level’s design by: leading design discussion and reviews, participating in and/or lead level-production related meetings.
  • Contribute to in-house staff education of technical level design issues and tools.
  • Form positive working relationships and demonstrate design process with other Designers, Design Director, Game Director, Design Manager, Art Director, Lead Artist, Lead Programmer, Lead Animator, etc.
  • Collaborate with Design Director, Leads and Design Manager during the product development cycle regarding creative and/or production related topics.


  • Possess comprehensive knowledge of Maya, engine tools and processes, or other 3D world building software.
  • Fundamental knowledge of game design and ability to implement 3D environment building, entities, rough cameras, creating gameplay scenarios, using design system tools as needed. 
  • Design any element in game including:
    • puzzles
    • navigation/platforming challenges
    • building 3D environments
    • modeling and texturing
    • designing and implementing fun/challenging AI layouts
    • scripting events
    • placing rough cameras, including animated and entity-triggered cameras
    • sound implementation
    • level warping and game-flow
    • cinematic placement and triggering


  • 5 plus years in game development, with at least 3 year in Level Design specific role.

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