Level Designer


Posted 06.05.2019

Come join our award-winning God of War development team at Santa Monica Studio!

Level design is an extremely important part of the team at Sony Santa Monica and we’re looking for the type of person who can help make incredible memorable levels!

You have a passion for epic adventures with unique locations and intriguing characters.

You have a burning desire to create a level which is highly polished and flows perfectly.

You love high action moments with dazzling heights and daring escapes.


  • As a level designer, you’ll work with the Lead Level Designers and Design Director on the following: level design layout, scripting events, tuning AI encounters, 2D design documentation and all things gameplay-related.
  • You’ll work within established level design metrics and utilize the game systems in order to create do the following:
    • Propose and pitch level concepts to the project leadership team
    • Prototype new levels and layouts
    • Tune combat encounters and navigation challenges
    • Create intuitive and interesting puzzles
    • Implement game scripting within a level
    • Be able to manage the flow and challenge of a level


  • Proficiency with 3D Packages to layout environments (Preferably Maya)
  • Experience with 2D Packages to create 2D maps (Preferably Illustrator, Photoshop)
  • Can use text or visual scripting systems to create events and debug game logic
  • A great communicator who is personable and flexible with their ideas
  • 1-2 years in game development, or equivalent experience as demonstrated in portfolio of work.


  • 2 plus years in game development, with at least 1 year in a level design specific role.

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