Gameplay Controls Programmer


Posted 02.01.2019

We are God of War! Join us!

You’re into games – you love playing them and love building them. And you’re half coder, half designer: if asked to come up a feature design, yeah, you could do that – which means you collaborate fantastically with designers to make the product a blast.

And you are talented and motivated, with tons of initiative. You get things done. Sound interesting? Give us a shout.



  • Develop a responsive controllable character and camera, mapping buttons to actions in an intuitive way, helping to build traversal mechanics and metrics, and working with the design and animation teams to ensure smooth transitions between gameplay states
  • Propose designs and implementations of mechanics for effective player control of all movement and camera functions
  • Collaborate with and take direction from the Lead Combat Designer and Gameplay Director
  • Write clear, maintainable, portable, and highly functional code
  • Profile and performance tune code to remove bottlenecks
  • Test and document code produced


  • Sc. degree in computer science or equivalent experience
  • Minimum three years professional programming experience
  • Good understanding of what makes a game fun and interesting to play and of the relationship between level-based mechanics and the overall game and of all the ways the player might respond to each gameplay element
  • Experience using code to map player controls to the behavior of a character
  • Working knowledge of animation systems including blending, layering, and state machines
  • Strong knowledge of competing products and gameplay genres
  • Programming generalist with solid code architecture skills
  • Expertise in C, C++, and linear algebra
  • Enthusiasm and initiative
  • Excellent spoken and written communication
  • Able and motivated to work with other team members
  • Commitment to code quality, documentation, and sound testing procedures

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