Who Would You Plant A Flower For?

"I'd plant a flower for my students. I'm a college English professor, and I'd like nothing more than seeing them all bloom into confident, talented writers and readers." - TwinBees0813

"I would plant a flower for everyone in the world who has lost their way,
as a light of hope to guide them forward.
- Kaiserryu125

"I would plant a flower for all the people in my life that have taught me something,
been there when I was at my lowest, and who have shown me that despite the struggles of daily life,
there is still beauty and love to be shared in the world.
" - PandaBear2626 






"I would/do plant flowers to see something start as nothing but a seed, grow into something beautiful and extraordinary. We don't take much time in this day and age to appreciate how fragile and breathtaking a flower can be. This game really spoke to me and continues to this day to be my favorite game of all time. Felicidades on celebrating 5 years since Flower was released, and thank you for sharing this experience with all of us!" - Salsero06

"I would plant a flower for everyone who has supported
and tolerated me for so long, just to say thanks.
" - Laquer707

"I'd like to plant this flower to my mother who has shown me what great courage is.
This game is beautiful and it was such a personal experience playing this game.
" - luigitehbeat

"I'd plant a flower for that sad kid I saw sitting by himself at the park yesterday.
The next time his head is hanging low, he'll see something nice that'll make him smile.
" - punkship

"I would plant a flower for my girlfriend as a reminder of flower
being the first game we played together.
" - guyprime 

"Congratulations for the 5th anniversary!  :smileyhappy: I'd plant a flower for everyone who, like the people in Thatgamecompany that planted a Flower for us 5 years ago, create experiences, stories and games that made us play, think and enjoy. For all that creative people around the world! Thanks!" - Wolveskiller


"As a long-time Playstation gamer since the days of th PSOne, and also the Playstation 2, Playstation 3, and soon to be Playstation 4 system, I express my full thanks and deep appreciation for games such as flower and the development people at Sony Santa Monica Studios as well as thatgamecompany for continuing to support experimential-type game and pursuing new IP's that we otherwise wouldn't know that we needed in our lives. we the Playstation Nation need to take a hard look at ourselves in the mirror as husbands, brothers, wives,and sisters and even the children, to continue to input on how the future of the Playstation brand as a whole is to be percieved and implemented worldwide, and to always be considerate of all disenting opinions no matter what they might be or who or where they come from as a whole. I am very familiar with thatgamecompany games and I hope that this reply is percieved as coming from someone who will always believe in the power of interactive intertainment not just to entertain millions upon millions of people, but with the power to move, emote, and create a sense of joy, wonder,  and expression that stays with you long after the console (or PC Desktop) is turned off." - Terrel2-psnUSA

"I would plant a flower for my friends, the only thing that keeps me sane besides masterpieces like the one you've conjured 5 brilliant years ago. Congratulations thatgamecompany and all others involved." - pwner7777

"I would plant a flower for my friends, the only thing that keeps me sane
besides masterpieces like the one you've conjured 5 brilliant years ago.
Congratulations thatgamecompany and all others involved." - pwner7777

"I would plant a flower for mother nature.
She has created a truly amazing and diverse world that we should respect
a heck of a lot more than we currently do." - Sith_Lord

"I would plant one for dreamers... may you never wake up." - a_PWN_Starr

"I would plant a flower for all the women who think they aren't beautiful." - wrathofthepast

"I would plant a flower for my dad. He was a rough person but a big softy
when it came to flowers, especially lillies and iris'. When he passe away in 2005
I have planted them every year since." - lyndeau

"I would plant a flour for my coach who guided me through my youth and athletic career
and lost a battle to cancer 2 years ago today. Miss you Coach..." - amnalehu 

"I downloaded flower shortly after its release and it hasn't left my console since. Its an amazing game with beautiful graphics and an incredible soundtrack. I recommend everyone should at least try it. Congrats on 5 years guys!" - SEALEDKYUUBI

So, who would you plant a Flower for? Share it with the world HERE, and enjoy Flower. Congratulations thatgamecompany.

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