We Are Family

We didn't just stand around tossing PlayStation 4 controllers in the air! We were there to talk with all fans in attendance about what we do, our studios, and just talk the talk (yea Captain America was awesome!). During the day we hosted a wide variety of activties for anyone to participate in - including trivia contests, a Killzone Shadowfall Botzone Challenge, and Community Town Hall's for fans to approach us and ask us anything, just about anything! It was a show of family force. Tons of PlayStation MVP's stopped by to hang, whether for a game of Killzone or Towerfall Ascension, or to help control the masses during our "that was a crazy free giveaway". There was always a sea of people hanging out with us in "our home".

"It was awesome bringing friends to the booth and pointing out all the Representatives and watching peoples jaw drop. The Community Managers were all very cordial, very accessible and answered a lot of peoples questions. Just being able to meet that many reps from so many games in one setting was overwhelmingly awesome!" - NO_FEAR


"The PlayStation Worldwide Studios Community Exchange Booth was a welcoming environment in the midst of a crazy, busy packed convention. The combination of having events, trivia, Q and A’s with merchandise and community managers meant that when an attendee came to the booth they could interact with Sony in as little or as big of a capacity as they wanted. Having different events at different times meant that there was a draw to return, and then inevitably end up interacting with different fans as well as different Sony employees." - CeraTopz


"Having the community managers from each development house is probably the BEST thing ever” - jbond1010

"The left side of the booth was sort of a living room set up like many of us have at home, it had a nice couch and TV set up and the booth had cool PlayStation characters and game art in frames on the walls.  I could not help but smile when I saw just how cool of an idea this booth was. It was not like any other booth where there is a ton of screens with demo's playing, it was much more laid back and relaxed which in my mind said - PlayStation is not worried about anyone else right now." - RISE_UP44

Our studios also collaborated on unique merchandise exclusive to PAX East (for now at least), including the coveted PlayStation Worldwide Studios Family Crest Tee - this shirt was gangbusters and sold out on the first day! Who knew, now we do, this won't be the last time you see this shirt. It definitely needs the rest of our studios infused in it as well. Our merchandise didn't stop there.

"The PAX East 2014 Sony T-shirts looked absolutely great, however my favorite merch was the special Pinny Arcade pins. I would have loved to see more!" - CeraTopz


"One of the guys walked up to me and handed me a really cool PlayStation Plus magnet pin and I thought that was a really awesome item. I had also saw that they were giving away some very cool Tearaway characters as booth swag and everyone seemed to really love them. The booth was also doing a hashtag sort of promo which they had a print out on a card that everyone could take and be a part of and this was a really great way to keep people involved with the booth and thinking about it even after they left the booth." - RISE_UP44

We had an incredible PlayStation Cosplay Meetup

3 days & 72 hours of PAX East, 80,000+ fans in the house, our soles were on fire, but our "family room" stood strong. We didn't know what to expect when we started to collaborate on this idea. We didn't know what to expect when all of our studios would be together in one room interacting with our fans, how popular the merchandise would be, and the sea of people that would find us in what was otherwise, a somewhat hidden location on the show floor. The end result - the PlayStation Worldwide Studios Community Exchange was a massive success for fans and us, we are unified, we are one family making great games for PlayStation, and proud to be linked to one another.

"This past weekend I was lucky enough to attend PAX East in Boston, MA. During my time at PAX i paid tribute to my "Sony Brethren" by frequeting the PlayStation Worldwide Studios Community Exchange Booth many times each day. The Community Exchange Booth understood the essense of PAX East. They understood that PAX is a welcoming, warm enviroment for gamers and devs alike to hangout and interact with one another." - JimmyNEUTRON412

We'll see you again PAX, maybe with a few more pins and family crest tees this time!

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